Discussion 3


Assignment 1


300 Words-APA Format


Given what you now know about how Congress works and how a bill is passed, what is different about an omnibus bill?  What is the strategy behind omnibus bills?  Provide an example from American politics.  Other countries, notably Canada, use omnibus bills, but since this is an American government class, please stick with legislation from this country, at the federal level. 

(Please stay out of the politics and use the PROCESS of implementation as the foundation of your answer, such as reconciliation.)


include citations or URLs for your work to receive full credit


Assignment 2


250 Words APA Format. cite with in writing


Select an article on current events within Native American communities.  Analyze and describe the article and provide a proper citation.  Connect the article to an historic issue that we have covered during the course. 

Recommended news sources:








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