Discussing Justice, Power and Morality.

This paper discusses justice, power and morality. Plato’s notion of justice is based on the principle of justice. According to him, a person works to return to the society. As a person grows within the society, they tend to grow in skills and they use this to give back to the society. They feel they owe the society and ought to give it what belongs to it. Thrasymachus, on the other hand, hold his notion on the principle that in any society survival is for the fittest. According to him, the rich in the society have an advantage compared to the poor. To him, each works to satisfy their own personal and selfish gains.

Thrasymachus insidious that those in power hold power because they are stronger, to him, the people who are unjust in the society and go to the extremes to get what they want enjoy life more than those who are just. justice, power and morality. Plato on the other side insists that the just and moral in the society live better lives, and overtime can outdo the tyrants within the society.

Plato’s Concept of Justice

While Pluto’s work mainly focuses on supporting the just in the society and encourages individuals to remain just, Thrasymachus sticks to the fact that both justice and injustice work for the people. To him, justice is an added advantage to the people who are strong in the society. Those who do injustice acts use injustice to their advantage. People use injustice to their advantage and do not strive to benefit the whole society. For Thrasymachus, the people in power get there because of their strength and once there they do whatever satisfies them and can get away with anything as long as they are in power. The powerful focus on individual goals. Plato on the other side believes that a morally upright person in power will ensure justice. They will work to promote equality for all.

The notion of justice

Both of them have a notion of justice. However, the basis of their description of justice differentiates them. While Thrasymachus focuses on the power and position of Man in the society to shape his notion, Plato focuses on the power that a person has and the morals and values that the person has been brought up to uphold. justice, power and morality. Plato explains that it is hard for the society to accommodate and support the people who take power based on their strength. However, they can easily support a person who is driven by good morals into power and who upholds this power for the benefit of the whole society.

Right Conduct

Right conduct is important mainly because it shows appreciation for the society and culture that a person is brought up in. For a person living in the society, the society members expect him to uphold certain standards of morals. Secondly, right conduct helps an individual to gain power appropriately and get support from the society. It is easier for a society to support a leader who upholds morals because they believe such a person will support them and ensure their interests are made.

Thirdly it is important to be moral because it helps one to feel fulfilled. It fulfills a person to feel they are doing the right thing other than when they are in misconduct. While right conduct paints a good picture of the individual, the person gets to create an image of the society. This helps promote their esteem and it easels their ability to give back to the society and focus on being useful to the society.


people should uphold morality because their society upholds morality. The basic codes of behaviour in any society are based on standard morals the person needs to meet. For a person who has been brought up in such a society,  it would be valuable for such a character to behave morally. This would be as an appreciation for the effort that the society has put in to raise them.

When raised by moral guidelines, one knows what is right . Secondly, it is inbuilt in a human being to want to do what is right. Each human being has a conscience that dictates their acts. For this purpose, it is important for a person to behave morally. It satisfies their self-will that drives them to do what is right. In a society that upholds certain basic standards, a person would need to uphold such standards to fit in. The inner drive and desire within a person to want to belong and feel loved by the society drives them to uphold the moral standard in the society.

Logical reasoning

Logical reasoning bases its explanation of the cause and the outcome of an event. The reasoning may take several approaches, that is, deductive approaches, inductive approaches and inductive reasoning. In deductive reasoning, the rule makes the conclusion to find out if the rule is true.  For example, one would say the society always hates an immoral person. Therefore, the society hates a thief. Inductive reasoning, on the other hand, bases reasoning on deriving a rule from studying several results. For instance James is a thief, Magdalene is a prostitute, and the people in the society disliked both of them. Therefore, the society dislikes the immoral. Abduction reasoning on the other side derives a reason from both the cause and the outcome


In conclusion, while a person may be in power, the morality of the person counts in ensuring that the person stays in power and gets support from the society. The society upholds certain standards of moral and, therefore; a person should live in line with these basic standards to ensure they get support. While a person may have their individual interests when they get into power, they should be able to take into concern the needs of the people under them. They should work for the benefit of the society.

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