Discuss the contributions of Peter Drucker and contrast with another management guru of your choice.

Discuss the contributions of Peter Drucker and contrast with another management guru of your choice.

Question 2)

Discuss how different authors have used the entry of Honda into the North American motorcycle industry as empirical evidence to support their views. Where appropriate, discuss specific frameworks or ideas that have emerged as part of this debate.

1. Distinction will be given to summaries that describe what you have read
in your own words, with evidence to have read widely, appropriate
referencing and citations.
2. Repeating what is in the article(s) or failing to follow prescribed format
will result in a mere pass or even a fail. Specifically, a Turnitin score of
35 or more will result in a F(4) fail (i.e. zero marks).
General Notes
• You should include at least 5 additional academic papers in your list of
• There is no maximum number of items each person may read but there
is a minimum of 5 per person, as described above.

You should include an abstract describing the research (up to 200
words). This abstract does not add to the overall word count.
• Where appropriate, support your answer with real life examples
sources in the Financial Times, the Wall St Journal, Time,
Businessweek, Bloomberg, The Conversation, The Atlantic, Reuters or
the business sections of the BBC, The Times, Daily Telegraph, The
Guardian, etc.;
• All of your sources should be cited using author/date (Harvard style):
• You may NOT cut and paste graphs, tables or figures from Internet
• Adding references just for the sake of making the list of references
longer shows up in the drafting and will demerit your effort.
• Poor formatting, lack of graphs, tables or poor presentation in general,
will also demerit your effort.

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