different case studies of predictive modelling in various businesses.

Dear INF80040 students,
In Task 1.3, you need to address the followings:
• Using Scopus (or any other platforms), you need to perform a systematic literature review to summarise 5 different case studies of predictive modelling in various businesses. These case studies can be related to finance and banking, health, supply chain management and sports.
• You need to analyse these 5 case studies to extract business foresights. Also, you can discuss the purpose of businesses in the case study by adoptingAI/ML/predictive modelling, if they are designed to solve any issues, the deficiencies and limitations of those case studies and your recommendation in tackling those issues.
• Limit your search to articles published during 2018 -2020. You can use your own structure.
• In your submission you need to show some basic statistics for any keyword (or set of keywords) you use to search within Scopus. For instance, using a chart/visualisation you need to represent how many documents each keyword retrieves.

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