Dissertation research project on type 2 diabetes in the UK. please relate this research to my profession which is health care assistants the borough i work for is call Tower Hamlet in East London. go on the website to see statistics how to raise awareness, on how to live a healthy life with type diabetes among socioeconomic groups and among Africa Caribbean from age 40 to end of life in London borough of Tower Hamlet. Harvard references i want a lots of references. Objective how to provide education/training that will give them knowledge courage on how to manage and live a healthy life with diabetes.
evidence on how the health related need/problems is currently addresses by local policies and services provision. interrogate the evidence based for effective intervention review the literature.

intervention; methodology and methods. A JUSTIFICATION ON THE on the public health/ health promotion methods use to develop the intervention including methods for data collection. identify resources equipment, financial human, (stakeholders analysis frame intervention). THIS research is secondary. all the works are going to be chapter by chapter chapter five is going to be evidence under the problems with diabetes. patients. policies that said diabetes is under control. PLEASE FOLLOW TEACHER GUIDELINE IS IMPORTANT. ‘

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