Developmental Milestones – identify 2-3 of your own life span developmental milestones that are nota

Developmental Milestones – identify 2-3 of your own life span developmental milestones that are notable to you from birth to the present day (note: these can be positive, negative, or neutral in nature). Then, discuss how those events/milestones influenced your relationship to your family, culture, social environment (*please note, you may share your own life span development issues to the extent you feel comfortable sharing there is no requirement that you disclose overly personal information for the sake of this assignment). 3) (40 points) – Development Theories – please describe how one or more of the developmental theories covered in your textbook (e.g., learning theory, Piaget’s theory, Kohlberg’s theory, Maslow’s theory, Levinson’s theory) help you understand the developmental milestones/phases that you previously discussed. In other words, in light of your theoretical knowledge, how do you explain your own personal developmental experiences? (note: you may choose to have this as a separate section or you may integrate the theories into the previous section of the paper if you wish). 4) (15 points) – Lastly, students should demonstrate accurate APA formatting and college level writing style/organization. Students must utilize at least 2 additional scholarly sources in addition to the textbook. Website citations are not permitted. This paper should be 2-3 pages in length (plus a title and reference page).

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