Developing a Health Advocacy Campaign

Application: Part 1 – Developing an Advocacy Campaign
The following application (Part 1) will be due in week 4.
To prepare:
•Select a population health issue of interest to you and identify the population affected by the issue.
•Locate two scholarly articles, each of which provides a description of an effective health advocacy campaign that addresses your issue. The articles need to focus on two different advocacy campaigns.
•Analyze the attributes of the two campaigns to determine what made them effective.
•Reflect on a policy you could propose or suggest a change to a current policy to improve the health of the population you selected.
•Consider how you could develop an advocacy campaign, applying the attributes identified in similar, effective campaigns.
To complete:
For the Part 1 application (approximately 3–4 pages of content with a title page and references in APA format) address the following:
•Describe your selected population health issue and the population affected by this issue.
•Summarize the two advocacy campaigns you researched in this area.
•Explain the attributes that made those campaigns effective.
•Begin to develop a plan for a health advocacy campaign that seeks to create a new policy or change an existing policy with regard to the issue and population you selected. Be sure to include in your plan:

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