develop a Training and Organizational Development (OD)

instructions:  The Final Project requires you to develop a Training and Organizational Development (OD) proposal and presentation to senior management targeted at improving diversity training within an organization of your choice.  Many organizations have extended the management of diversity programs beyond HRD programs and processes by changing human resource management (HRM) policies and programs to meet the special needs of the new workforce.  A growing number of organizations are holding line management accountable for diversity goals.  For example, incorporating diversity goals into their performance evaluation process, and measuring improvement in relation to pre-established target goals annually.

As the HRD manager of your organization, what new training programs and processes would you propose to senior management to develop effective recruiting and selection methods to attract more minorities and women to your organization?

Explain how HRD methods can be used to help manage a culturally diverse workforce.  For example, how will you overcome language and discrimination issues that will ultimately lead to a climate in which all employees can thrive within the organization and contribute to its success?

Submission Instructions:  Submit your work as an MS Power point (.ppt) presentation (Note: no other slide presentation software will be accepted.

  • Power point presentation must include atleast 12 content slides.
  • In addition, a title slideintroduction slide and reference slides at the end of your presentation (i.e., the minimum number of slides is 15).
  • Please note:  Students are expected to use the Notes section of the PowerPoint presentation to enhance the depth and scope of the narrative portion of their presentation, while avoiding lengthy narrative on the PowerPoint slides.
  • Refer to Purdue OWL ( for APA PowerPoint Slide Presentation Guidelines.
  • Please support your ideas, arguments, and opinions with independent research.
  • Include at least Five (5) supporting references or sources (NOT Wikipedia, unknown, or anonymous sources) in the reference section.
  • Properly cite all references within the text of your PowerPoint presentation.
  • APA Format

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