Describe the process of identifying a solution or solutions for this problem, which might be…

Background and Problem Description

In this section, you need to give clear and brief explanations on:

1) Background of the research

2) The problem you want to solve

2) The motivation to do this research, the significance of this work

3) Describe the subproblems

Staff at xxxx campus are no longer allocated dedicated parking space. Instead they would be allowed to park in designated staff permit zones, which are dispersed around the campus. Information about vacant parking space is not readily available so staff cruise around looking for free parking slots in the designated staff permit parking zones.

In my research, lam going to explore ways on how governments; universities; cities and engineers around the world have solved this problem, and how I can improve on these solutions and find a cost efficient way to solve this problem at xxxxxxcampus using ‘ internet of things’ (IoT) real time monitoring system. What is IoT? Explain

IOT has made the urban more livable, reduce traffic chaos and lessen the stress drivers face searching around for a parking lot. It has also helped to curtail time wasted by drivers cruising around looking for a parking space. Carbon dioxide emissions are reduced as a result. My motivation is to find a simpler cost-effecent and reliable smart parking solution at xxxxxCampus and hope staff at this great institution will enjoy similar benefits like boosted morale as opposed to frustration of finding a parking space. Happy staff are highly productive.


According to the nature of your research and research plan, you may elaborate the following tasks so that people can clearly understand how you can achieve your research aim. The aim of this section is to describe techniques or methods you will use to resolve the problem.

Solutions and Analysis

Analysis and solution can be related to:

1) Methods: Describe the process of identifying a solution or solutions for this problem, which might be through design/redesign, experiment, survey, etc. Describe the activities and methods that you need to use and their logical sequence.

2) Analysis: Explain the criteria to analyse different aspects of a problem or analyse the performance (e.g. function, strength, reliability, etc.) of the proposed solution before implementation. How each criterion is measured/evaluated?

3) Validation: You should describe what actions to take to assess its effectiveness and validate the proposed solution after implementation. You must explain:

1) What testing need to be done.

2) How the testing will be conducted.

You must provide clear descriptions of the aim and the tasks involved for developing solutions in the project. In addition, you need to give the details about how you verify the proposed solutions. In a feasibility study you might be looking at different aspects of a problem and describe how you will analyse each aspect.


The resources required for the work can be related to:

– Personnel

– Facilities,

– Equipment,

– Test subjects,

– Costing (It may not be applicable to your specific research)


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