Describe contemporary approaches to dealing with the social impact of technology in a changing IT…

Content Analysis Assignment


This assignment has three major aims:

• To help students gain good understanding of all ITECH7400 material.

• To encourage students to use content analysis summaries to prepare for tests, examinations and to help their understanding of concepts.

• To encourage students to conduct independent investigation into related topics from books, the Internet, and through practical investigation.

Engagement with this assignment should help students to prepare for the weekly multiple choice tests (10%), the theory test (0%) in week 8 and the end of semester examination (60%).

Timelines and Expectations

Students are required to analyse the weekly lecture material of weeks 1 to 8 and create concise content analysis summaries of the theoretical concepts contained in the course lecture slides. The content analysis should not exceed ten (10) A4 sides of paper.

Suggestions as to possible inclusions in your content analysis will appear in weekly Work Plan documents on Moodle.

The aim of this assessment task is to help ITECH7400 students to fully comprehend the course material and hence help them to pass tests and the examination.

Learning Outcomes Assessed

The following course learning outcomes are assessed by completing this assessment:

• K3. Describe contemporary approaches to dealing with the social impact of technology in a changing IT service environment.

• K4. Appraise IT service management practices and how they assist organisations.

• K5. Debate the need for organisational change, the key influence of human behaviour and its impact on IT organisational culture in a service driven environment.

• K6. Investigate skills frameworks and develop an awareness of industry certifications relevant to IT professionals.

• S2. Apply the IT service lifecycle, processes and functions in an organisational setting.

• S3. Demonstrate and coordinate best practice IT service management in an organisational setting.

• S4. Utilise professional presentation and communication approaches in a range of IT workplace and service settings.

• A2. Implement and use service management processes and practices in a business organisational context.

• V2. Appreciate the global nature of the IT industry.

Assessment Details

All work submitted must be authored by the student submitting the work or where material from other sources is included it must be referenced using APA referencing.

Students found to have plagiarised will be dealt with according to university regulations.


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