Cyber psychology and eHealth

Discuss the motivations for using these services and its popularity amongst various age groups. Support your opinions with scholarly references from journal articles and other peer reviewed publications (e.g. health reports or policy papers that evaluate social networking for health issues). · Evaluate 3 online social networking health focused sites/groups: – Describe whether the group/site you have chosen is well designed for its intended users (e.g. does it contain useful information, feedback to consumers and support service information?) – Discuss how useful each social network group/site is social interaction and support for a specific health issue. Do they have any evidence their group is working (Note: number or subscribed members does not equate to efficacy!). If it does not show evidence of how it would help people, how would you propose to find out if you ran the site? (e.g. think measurement of efficacy – does belonging indicate health change behaviour over time?) – Discuss the limitations/negative aspects of the specific group/sites (e.g. do they protect personal information and prevent member harassment?) · Conclude with your thoughts on how you would conduct social networking for a specific health issue, of your choice (it does not have to be in-line with one of the 3 groups/site topics you reviewed) and explain why your social networking group/site is needed.

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