CSC113…..2ca……………..Writing Statements and Using Functions

1. What are the advantages of linked lists and objects in program development and design? How does Python utilize these features? What are some of the benefits of trees in Python? What are some expamples of how trees could be used in program development with Python?



2. Your assignment is about functions, functions parameters, local and global variables Required: 1. Read from the “Instant Hacking” reference in the background materials of the headings of “Bigger Problems — Abstraction”, “More About Functions” Implement and run all the examples and exercise 3 in Python-IDLE editor. 2. Read chapter 7 from “A Byte of Python” in your background materials. Implement and run all the examples in Python-IDLE editor. 3. Read chapter 3 in the online book of ” Think Python: How to Think Like a Computer Scientist (Version 1.3.3)” and run all the examples and only exercise 3.5 in Python IDLE editor. Combine all the python files from requirements 1 – 3 above into a zip file for submission to coursenet. Include with this a one page word document describing what the files represent and any insights, difficulties you experienced with their implementation. Case assignment expectations: Provide all the required program files. Provide a brief summary document discussing what you have accomplished

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