CS105 intro to computers


Word/Writer Assignment 2

You are a member of the elementary school PTA and have been asked to quickly get a newsletter out.  A representative of each grade K-5 will be submitting a small piece for the newsletter.  You don’t have a newsletter template handy, so you decide to quickly create the newsletter using a table in your word processing application.  

You will have a header that will be used for the elementary school banner once you receive it.  In the meantime, you will type “SCHOOL NEWSLETTER” in a large font in the header or insert a temporary banner.  You will have a footer with the PTA contact information.  Since there are six grades, you will set up a table of 2 columns and 3 rows with a different background (or fill) color for each row.  You also will adjust the rows to fill the page to look like a newsletter.  Once you get the submissions, you will be able to copy that information into the cells.  

Create this document as your assignment.  The cells of the table can be left blank (or if you want to get creative, feel free to fill them in with the latest grade level happenings and images.)  Save the file as YourLastNameWeek4 and upload it in the assignment area of the course.

Sample newsletters

Look at some of the sample newsletters for inspiration:


Grading Criteria Assignments Maximum Points
Create a Header 10
Type text in large font in the header or insert a graphic 10
Create footer with text (PTA contact info) 10
Create a table with specified rows and columns        50
Adjust rows to fill space properly to look like a newsletter 10
Change background (or fill) of table rows 10
Total 100

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