Criminal Justice Management

This essay seeks to explore the goals of the Victim /Witness Assistance Program established by the American government to offer psychological, legal, and financial help to victims of crime. This program was created to help victims and witnesses to overcome the tedious and traumatizing court proceedings. Among the goals discussed is the right to protection, privacy, and notification and right to follow and attend all case proceedings involving parole, plea, and sentencing as well as the release of the offenders. Moreover, the paper established rights that are complex and conflicting in delivering justice to victims. Also, some rights were found to be constraining and limiting justice delivery to victims, as some may derail case hearings if fully effected. However, the paper established that the program might be handled well by the office of the prosecutor and other private organizations, contrary to what the current department of justice is doing. This was established since these two units work hand in hand with victims in executing cases and protecting and availing victims to the courtroom is their role.
Keywords: Victim/Witness Assistance Program, department of justice, prosecutors, justice, constraint, complex, conflicting, offenders, parole, plea, sentence

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