creative project

The final project is by 11:59 pm EST the last day of the semester (see syllabus/calendar), if it can be submitted electronically.  If your project cannot be submitted electronically, it needs to be received by 4:30 pm in Science 159 the last day of the semester.  If you need the mailing address, that can be provided. Keep in mind that you need to be able turn in your project by the due date; however, depending on the type of project it does not necessarily need to be submitted via Blackboard. The minimum requirement for any project is that it represents at least five (5) different concepts discussed during the semester, and it includes original material.  For example, if you choose to complete a collage or photo journal, all images used need to be taken by you (or someone you know), but they do not need to be new photos.  Use of images from the internet will result in a grade of zero (0).  You should include a one page or less description of your project that describes how your project relates to class materials.  In this document, you also need to include a statement that all items and images are original (or give credit is you use photos or materials from other people).  Your statement also needs to state that none of the material from your project was acquired from the internet.


The purpose of this project is to connect your local environmental and your experiences with course material.  The final project is worth up to 100 points. An example collage will be available under assignments; however, you are encouraged to consider other types of creative projects.  Note: A collage has overlapping images.


An example collage is available on Blackboard. The following is a list of concepts you might include in your project. Note: This is not an all-inclusive list.  Be creative and really think about how environmental science concepts/issues are all around you.







Water quality

Air quality

Environmental health


Natural resources


Biogeochemical Cycles

Rock Cycle

Water Resources

Natural Resources


Ecosystem Services

Food Resources

Soil Formation

Climate Change

Waste Stream/Management







Specific Requirements

·      Your project needs to be original and no part of it can be copyrighted by another person or entity (i.e. images captured from the internet).

·      Must represent a minimum of 5 concepts related to environmental science

·      Include annotations of 1 page or less describing how project or pieces of project relate to environmental science that includes credit to any individual who may have helped with your project and/or provided images for your project.

·      A statement that all materials are original and have not been captured from the internet or other copy righted source.

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