Create a risk management report for the case study

Create a risk management report for the given case study used in Assessment 1. In your
report, include:
NOTE: Master of Business Information Systems students must use an IT project as an
example in this assessment.

  1. Risk identification and impact assessment
    ? Identify possible risks for the case study and critically analyse the impact of these
    ? Use a risk probability and impact matrix to rate and prioritise the risks.
    ? Develop appropriate response strategies to effectively manage identified risks.
    ? Complete a risk register for the case study.
  2. Risk management reporting
    ? Identify and explain how stakeholders will be apprised of the project’s ongoing
    risk management activities.
    The written portion of your Risk Management Plan should consist of 1500 words/student.
    For students’ reference, an example of a Probability and Impact MatrThe post Create a risk management report for the case study appeared first on Assignment Freelancers.

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