Create a fully expanded ERD based on the information in the following narrative….

Part 1.

Create a fully expanded ERD based on the information in the following narrative.

Business Narrative

Aussie Wine Tours (AWT) conduct tours of the wineries of Victoria’s Yarra Valley wine

region. Each tour is run on a single day. Currently, there are several wine tours including

The White Wine tour, The Red Wine tour and The Sparkling Wine tour. The Red Win

Tour is a very popular tour and has often run 3 or 4 times in a single month. The tour

schedule depends upon the availability of the wineries, the availability of the tour leaders

and the public interest.

Each tour takes usually takes around 6 hours to complete and is led by one or more of

AWT’s well-renowned wine experts.

Each tour has a ‘current price’. However, due to various market forces, prices have been

rising over the past couple of years. For example, last year the Red Wine Tour was $170

but now it’s the current price is $200.

No two events for the same tour can occur on the same day. (e.g. The Red Wine Tour

cannot be conducted twice on the same day).

AWT have many satisfied customers, many of whom have attended multiple wine tours

over the years. Each customer has a customer id, name, address and contact phone



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