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The case presentation for CPA Strategic Management Accounting is the final assessment in the unit. You
will work individually to develop a short report on a novel student engagement project for Curtin
University, School of Accounting.
Proposal: Your brief here is to prepare a novel student engagement project for the School of Accounting
Head of School (as the project Sponsor the Head of School is trying to find a great project to invest in
which will create value for current and future students). It is expected that you will develop an a GANTT
Chart of activities and deliverables of your project and a Balanced Scorecard (Strategic Performance
Measurement System) which will help achieve your project deliverables within a 6-12 month time-frame
(please see the numbered items below for more detailed requirements).
This assessment has been modified to extend the due data and relieve some requirements so that it can
be completed individually; allowing for the current circumstances of COVID social distancing.
A short written report is required that uses the following headings (refer to the online rubric for
alignment with marking criteria):
1) Introduction (1-page): Write an Introduction which explains a project you would like to Project
Manage. The Project should be designed to create value for future student stakeholders
enrolled in a course at the School of Accounting, Curtin University.
Hint: Try to use your own experience of being an undergraduate and/or postgraduate student in
a course at Curtin University. Think of a project which can be completed in 6-12 months from
planning to post-implementation review (from start to finish). A project which could also create
value for future students.
2) Time Management (2-pages): Developing the Project to make it happen: Identify activities and
deliverables (milestones) which will be necessary to make the project happen. This section can
be quite short because it can be a table showing the different activities and their expected time
of completion. A Gantt or PERT chart should be included in this section to visually represent the
activities, deliverables and timing of your project.
3) Project proposal and Strategic Performance Measurement System (PMS) (2-page): Use
interesting and appealing visual images in your report to engage the Head of School of the
School of Accounting because they will most likely be the Project Sponsor. Explain at the start of
this section your Concept or Project Proposal in more detail (remember you are aiming to
thoroughly convince different University stakeholder groups of the value in your project for
current and future students at the School of Accounting.
In the last part of this section in your report please devise a Strategic PMS which will result in
achieving the CSR project. In other words you should write a Balance Scorecard PMS which has
SMART performance measures for each activity and deliverable you want from your Project.
Hint: The SMART performance measures you write into each section of the balanced scorecard
should help you as the Project Manager convey to your team the importance of achieving each
of the activities and milestones of your project.
Curtin University is a trademark of Curtin University of Technology. CRICOS Provider Code 00301J
4) Conclusion (1-page) – Provide a summary at the end of this report to explain what is the
expected best outcome of your project for current and future students at the School of
Accounting. Emphasize the important stakeholders who will need to be monitored by the
Project Manager and explain some of the performance measures you have developed which you
are convinced will help project completion.
A short report is due for this presentation (simple business format with an executive summary at the
beginning. Page numbers are indicated at the end of each section above and the following formatting
requirements should be strictly followed.
Essential formatting requirement for your report:

Cover-page (available from the Case Presentation assessment folder).
Pitch 12 Calibri Font.
Line spacing, strictly 1.5
Headings structure for the report will be: Executive Summary; 1. Introduction; 2. Time
Management; 3. Project Proposal and Strategic PMS; and, 4. Conclusion.
Content of the report should be guided by items 1-5 previously.
Please include any Referencing as an in-text citation and Footnote for the reference.

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