Consulting Recommendation

You have been hired as a consultant for Best Care Hospital to improve the quality and increase patient satisfaction using innovation and information systems. Best Care Hospital has already invested $12M in the implementation of a new electronic health record but this has not improved customer satisfaction. Your job is to do an analysis of the patient experience and identify where there are opportunities for improvements by evaluating the current state of the patient portal, patient wait-time analysis, customer satisfaction results, cost transparency, and the electronic transition of care between settings. You will see several documents attached to help with your analysis. You may need to conduct some mock interviews and make some assumptions. Applying what you have learned in class speak to your approach to doing this review and the best practices that you may recommend. Also provide the organization with some strategic innovation that they should prepare to leverage in the next year or two to make a significant improvement in the patient experience. Be prepared to provide best practice examples to support your recommendation. Provide a 10 page concise consultant report with recommendations. You will see a sample consultant template.

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