compensation and performance evaluation at arrow electronics describe and appraise arrow s current performance management system 2

Hi there, please only take this assignment if you have background of human resource management.

Look at attached Harvard document before attempting this assignment.

There are 2 questions to fulfill the assignment.

The Questions are as follows:

Question 1 (70%)

Describe and appraise Arrow’s current performance management system. Use course concepts, peer-reviewed literature and examples from the case study to support your answer.


* To help you, you may frame your answers using these perspectives: measurement, bias/fairness, performance improvement/feedback.

* It is important to appraise. This includes discussing the implications and effectiveness of the different features of the performance management system. It also includes an overall assessment of Arrow’s performance management system.

Question 2 (30%)

Propose solutions to address the performance management problems that CEO Kaufman is facing with Arrow Electronics. The problems should include both problems you described in Question 1, and problems mentioned in the case study. Use course concepts and information from the case study to support your answer.

Points to note:

* Word count: 2500 words (includes all titles, subtitles, tables and diagrams. excludes references and appendices)

* All authors work has to be cited in APA format with references attached at appendix.

* Have to include HRM concept on performance management.

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