Compare And Contrast Two Contract Research Organisations (CROs) Of Our Choice: Clinical Research Management Assignmen

The Learning Outcomes For This Module Are As Follows:

(i) Critically appraise the research & development process for new pharmaceutical products
(ii) Define the critical importance of stating conflicts of interest when completing clinical research
(iii) Analyze the key stages in a clinical research project planning cycle
(iv) Assess the critical requirements and parameters when engaging with an outsourced contract clinical research organization
(v) Appraise the aspects of marketing strategy in the clinical research process

This assessment is based on a review of Contract Research Organisations (CROs)

Compare And Contrast Two CROs Of Your Choice Under The Following Headings:

  • Size, location and success
  • Services provided
  • Specialist areas
  • Differentiation factors

Position Yourself As The Project Manager Of A Clinical Trial:

  • Select a clinical trial that has been carried out in a therapy area of interest to you
  • Select one phase of this clinical trial and the services required to conduct this clinical trial (budget is excluded from this analysis)
  • Of the two selected CROs, conduct an analysis to determine which CRO you would select to conduct the clinical trial and explain why.
  • Reference your sources of information.

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