Community Health Nursing

Please answer the coursework QUESTION below using the provided bullets below to assist in answering the question posed by the Instructor of the course.
QUESTION: What do you think needs to take precedence in Community Health Nursing in the next five to fifteen years?
Please include the following points in ANSWERING the QUESTION (Please include one or two references using APA Citation and Formatting, preferably citations not from India, because citations from India is a giveaway to instructors that students are receiving outside help for the turned in coursework, and we can be accused of plagiarism, so thank you ahead of time for using other than that type of references. I have include a few references below that you can hopefully use):
• The Intervention Wheel contains three important elements: (1) it is population-based; (2) it contains three levels of practice (community, systems, and individual/family); and (3) it identifies and defines 17 public health interventions. The levels of practice and interventions are directed at improving population health (Nies & McEwen, 2015).
• Public Health Intervention Wheel –

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