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you will need to post a two-three paragraph summary / observation / comment about the following reference articles.

first part:……

Please read through the three articles provided above from various industry publications and respond using the core concepts and discussion items from the article to your posting. Use supporting concepts and also supporting references for your responses.

second part:

Respond to this posting with one paragraph also please!

Business models around the world are changing at a unprecedent pace in what can be considered the “fourth industrial revolution”. Leadership, of course, will also have to change and adapt. The three main forces of change, in order of importance, are: (1) technology, AI and big data, (2) ongoing globalization and (3) robotics and automation of processes. These forces, which reduce human contributions, increase the efficiency and efficacy of processes in different sectors. Therefore, human roles and skills, and particularly leadership, will evolve to a more innovative, adaptative, and collaborative, and less hierarchical form; old structures and models should be reconsidered and open to transformation.

A good and prepared team is necessary to meet this challenge, which itself brings the struggle of training, developing, and recruiting the best human capital – they should be comfortable working in an uncertain environment and embrace change – which won’t be based exclusively on salary alone but also on purpose and meaning of the job. Furthermore, we will see companies as social enterprises accountable to their stakeholders, and so to the changes in this group including customers, workers, environment, communities, etc. Therefore, diverse and inclusive teams and leadership are going to be essential for the future. Companies and their workers should be constantly looking forward with a stronger moral perspective, and so “ethical” and transparent leaders will be key elements in the future. Another important revolution is the concept of “gig economies” and the need to be more and more connected with our external environment.

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