College of The Canyons Money Slavery and Cyberbullying Sociology Questions

Question Description

Answer the following nine questions. Make certain to support your opinion using concepts and vocabulary from the readings. You will need to provide a robust response for each of the questions.


Show Me the Money:

  1. Describe “money slavery,” and explain how providers of this service solicit clients.
  2. How does Social Control relate to money slavery?
  3. What strategies do money mistresses use to identify fake slaves and how slaves attempt to deceive money mistresses?
  4. How do money mistresses justify their participation in this type of deviant activity?


  1. Where does cyberbullying commonly occur?
  2. How often does cyberbullying occur?
  3. Why has cyberbullying become such a major issue?
  4. What should/could schools and parents do in instances of cyberbullying?
  5. Have you ever witnessed cyberbullying? What did you do? Could you have done something differently?

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