CMP71001 – You are hired by Southern Cross University as a cybersecurity consultant to work on… 1 answer below »

You are hired by Southern Cross University as a cybersecurity consultant to work on a

security program to address the contemporary and emerging risks from the cyber threats

the university is facing. Your tasks are the following:

? Task 1: the university is currently using a password based authentication system

to control the user access to the university’s information system. However, the

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy recently implemented by the university

has raised some security concerns. As there is no SCU BYOD policy given, you

can include as one of your assumptions that the SCU BYOD policy was developed

in line with the Australian Cyber Security Centre guidelines that have been

provided. As a security consultant, assess the risk from the BYOD policy to the

university’s information system.

? Task 2: After the assessing the risk from the BYOD policy, you suggest the

university to replace the current password-based authentication scheme with a

Certificate-Based Authentication. To justify your suggestion, write a technical

report to explain the working principle of the Certificate-Based Authentication

mechanism and discuss why the university should use the mechanism in this case

by comparing it with the password-based authentication mechanism. Use figure

when necessary to support your answers.

? Task 3: You have identified Spamming is among the top cybersecurity threats

facing by the university. Use the Spam Act 2003 and available online resources to

CMP71001-Cybersecurity Assignment-2, S3 2019


develop a guideline for the university students and staff to combat with the threat.

The guideline will include the following:

o Definition of spam and its distinctive characteristics.

o At least three (3) real examples of spams showing the spam characteristics.

o An instruction to the users of how to recognise and safely handle a spam.

o An instruction to the IT administrator of how to minimize the spam threat.


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