Characteristics of Students with Physical and Health Impairments

Write a 1,250-1,500 word essay that encompass the three parts listed below.
Part 1: Research-Based Evaluation of Accommodations and/or Modifications
Identify a minimum of five math and five ELA accommodations and/or modifications to assist students with physical and/or health impairments. Describe each accommodation or modification in detail and evaluate each according to research findings from a minimum of five references.
Part 2:Accommodations/or Modifications Implementation
Address the following questions regarding the implementation of your identified accommodations and/or modifications within your essay:
1. What accommodations/modifications would you implement? Explain.
2. What elements of the accommodations/modifications would be most effective? What aspects of the accommodations/modifications would be difficult to facilitate? Would it negatively affect the overall success of the lesson? How so?
3. After consulting with your mentor teacher, how does he or she interpret how the level of student engagement and motivation during the implementation of the accommodations/modifications chosen would go? How would you suggest each accommodation or modification be modified to

heighten its effectiveness?
4. Defend your use of, or your rejection of, each accommodation/modification within this section of the essay, taking your mentor teacher’s feedback into consideration.
Part 3: IEP Analysis
Discuss and analyze one student’s IEP with your mentor teacher and address thequestions listed below. Be sure to follow confidentiality guidelines within this section of your essay.
1. Which accommodations/modifications are listed in the IEP that would be effective to use with this student?
2. Which accommodations/modifications are listed in the IEP that would not be effective to use with this student?
3. Are there any modifications/accommodations that are not considered or discussed in the IEP that would be effective to use with this student? Explain.

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