challenges of delivering public health

Level 6 essay (2500 words)
Introduction: the main task is to introduce the issues and dilemma around the topic and justify the approach you will take in tackling the issues. The two main aims of this section are to set the answer in the context of contemporary general practice nursing and to demonstrate that you understand the breadth and complexity of the topic. Start with the ‘Big Picture’ about what is going on in Public Health in General Practice and the narrow it down to the area you are interested in and justify your choices. (around 750 words).
In the main body your task is to write in depth on two or three (no more or it will be too superficial) public health challenges and discuss how they can be overcome (example: overcoming the reluctance of some women to attend for cervical screening or the embarrassment that the screening incurs, or the different value that health care professionals hold in contrast to their clients on matter of sexual health. Because you need to critically discuss it may be better to choose a more complex conceptual issue rater than a practical easily solved issue. (Around 1200 words).
Finally draw all your arguments together and make conclusion in relation to the discussion that took place in the main body and refer back to the essay title. So to what extent are practice nurses able to meet the challenges discussed?

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