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Topic 2: Careers in Finance

Because this is a finance class, it is important to explore the different careers and certifications within the field of finance.

Visit the University’s Career Network or via your Campus home page.

Learn more about Career Services

Listen to an overview about Career Services. Review the following Career Services resources:

1. Career Assessment: Provides you with the ability to take up a work interest assessment and to search occupations in four different ways.

Follow the steps below to access the Work Interest Assessment

  • Go to the Career Network tab located on the student portal.
  • Click the green drop down button and select Resumes/Cover letters from the menu”.
  • Click on the Work Interest Assessment located in the Career Assessment section.

2. Career Documents: Provides you with the ability to create cover letters, resumes, video resumes, assessments, and portfolios in your career that may be used to create a website to showcase your unique skills, abilities, and knowledge to a potential employer.

Write a few paragraphs, of 150 words or more, discussing a career in finance and whether that career requires a certification or not, the expected salary, and any specific requirements for the career.

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