Business Intelligence and Quensland health system implementation


Question 1 (10 marks) – Business Intelligence

You are a recent graduate working in a local accounting firm. Your firm provides advice to a large number of clients to assist them with their business. Your managing partner has approached you with a request for more information on the use of Business Intelligence.


Provide a 1,200 word research report to your manager that outlines the following:

  • What is Business Intelligence (BI)?
  • In a contemporary organisation, explain how business intelligence can provide a competitive advantage.
  • Using a loyalty card example from the retail industry, explain how the use of data mining and analytics can impact decision making in an organisation.

Question 2 (20 marks) Queensland Health systems implementation

You are a systems accountant working in an organisation that is looking to upgrade its ERP system. The management of the organisation are concerned about system implementation failure and its impact on the organisation. You have suggested that the organisation use the Systems Development Lifecycle approach to provide a framework for systems development. You have been asked by management for more information about this framework in relation to implementation failure.


Using the article by Eden and Sedera located in Resources in Interact, identify the factors that contributed to the failed payroll system implementation project at Queensland Health. Classify each of these factors into the relevant phases of the first step of the System Development Lifecycle. Within your 2,000 word business report to management, provide recommendations on how deficiencies identified in systems analysis could be managed and overcome in a future implementation.

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