BUS 455 – Small Business Management

BUS 455 – Small Business Management
This course will include four written assignments.
You must use Word or Google Docs. Answer questions on this document. Simply place your cursor under the
question and type your responses. Please type your responses in black. I will type the questions in blue.
Please save your assignments as “last name course assignment #”. For example, “Worthington bus455
assignment 1”.
Due Friday, November 4 by midnight
Assignment 1 – Chapters 1 through 3
Student: _________________________________________________________________________
1. Why is small business the growth engine of the U.S. economy?
2. Why does small business act as a catalyst for social change?
3. What are the three goals for a business plan?
4. Identify and list three significant advantages that a small business has over a large company.
5. Potential entrepreneurs need to consider these three areas in starting a new bu

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