Sullivan (2012) provides a comprehensive overview of the relationship of biostatistics to public health.
Consider how biostatistics is used to quantify the evidence and explore the unknown in health issues, most particularly in public health. Review the situation described below and respond to the questions that follow:

Suppose you want to determine the average number of women affected by cardiovascular disease in the United States.

• What kind of study designs might prove useful in determining this average? Provide examples.
• When quantifying the extent of disease, what things need to be taken into consideration and how would you go about reporting out your findings?
Give reasons and examples to support your responses. Be sure to use at least two scholarly resources other than your textbook.

Write a 3-page paper in Word format, utilizing proper research paper format which means including a title page, header, page numbers, an abstract, use of Level I and II headings, and a properly formatted references page

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