BHR 3352 Brookline College Oklahoma City CH7 Pre Verified Resumes Paper

The fifth Debate Discussion exercise in this class relates to the HR Perspective box

HR Perspective: The Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval?

Job seekers can purchase verification services from a number of third-party vendors. The pre-verified résumé may demonstrate that the applicant is honest and truthful, but it won’t give the applicant any preference because the applicant must still fit the job.

  1. Would you consider using a service to pre-verify your résumé before you begin a job search? Why or why not? Do you think it would help your chances of getting a particular job? How would you address any potential issues in your résumé?
  2. If you were the HR manager for a small company with a limited budget, what would you consider to be the pros and cons of considering pre-verified résumés? Would you change the selection process for candidates who provide them?

Your assignment is to 1) read the information in the box content, 2) answer these questions, 3) present/defend your ideas with thoughtful logic or relevant evidence, and . Your posts should be comprehensive (multiple lengthy paragraphs), as well as concise and detailed.

Grades are assigned using a rubric with the following dimensions: 1) logic/support, 2) clarity/conciseness, 3) depth, 4) length, 5) contains multiple postings/responses.

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