Bethesda University of California Diabetes Mellitus in Saudi Arabia Research Paper

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All answers should be APA format.


Both of Edberg and Glanz, Rimer and Viswanath speak of bringing theories to practice and defining health needs within a community

using information from your Weekly Assignment: (Identifying a Health Behavior which you would like to change within your community)

1) Write about your chosen topic and tell us what you would like to change in your community

2) Why did you choose this health behavior in your community?

3) What are the determinants for this health behavior? Why does it occur?

3) What will you do to change this health behavior in your community?

4) What Health Behavior Models will you use?

If you use additional references please provide referencing to support your thoughts.

Thoughts should be complete and thorough and provide input on each of the area(s) above



Apply models of health behavior for practice and research

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