Bethesda Health Promotion of Diabetes in Saudi Arabia Discussion Paper

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This week is all about a Health Behavior Promotion that you would like to implement.

Using an idea of your own (a Health Promotion program that you would like to implement) please complete the following outline for this assignment.

Your write up this week should include:

– Planning Approach: Provide an introduction to your Health Promotion idea


What is it? Assessment of quality of life and social factors surrounding one or more health problems; ranking or positioning the health problems in context.

Sources of information: Social indicators like employment rates, availability of healthcare services, education, crime, housing, parks, recreation, facilities, and so on.

What this tells you: From an ecological perspective, provides an overview of the connection between health and other factors, as well as potential social or quality of life outcomes for your program. May also give you an indication of the importance placed on a particular health issue in the community.


What is it? Assessment of prevalence/incidence of a health condition, any co- morbid conditions, and affected populations. Specific focus on health issue(s) to be targeted

Sources of information: Local surveillance data from public health sources, or other relevant sources such as schools, emergency rooms, and police (depending upon the issue)

What this tells you: The nature and extent of a health problem or problems, patterns and trends, and the affected populations.


At this point, you have a good idea of what and who you will be targeting with your program!

What is it? Assessment of the behavioral and environmental risk factors contributing to the health conditions you want to address (as identified in the epidemiological data).

Sources of information: Local surveys, focus groups, or other data from public health sources, or from schools, community groups, or work-related sources (e.g., unions); environmental risk data from environmental agencies, public health agencies or organizations.

What this tells you: Behaviors and environmental conditions that you may need to target in an intervention in order to address the identified health problem(s).


What is it? Assessment of attitudes, knowledge, social/cultural norms, community organization, and other factors that contribute to the behavioral and environmental risk factors identified in Phase 3. These can be organized as predisposing, enabling, and reinforcing factors

Sources of information: Local surveys, focus groups, local research, or specialized data. Data collected for the assessment

What this tells you: Factors that inform, motivate, or lead to the behavioral/environmental risk factors. You may need to target these in order to influence those risk factors.


At this point, you will have developed a “logic framework” that ties individual, social, environmental, and behavioral factors to the health condition that you want to change!!

What is it? Assessment of administrative, organizational, and political resources available to support the development and implementation of a health promotion program.

Sources of information: Key community leaders and sources, focus groups, surveys of the nonprofit sector, colleges and universities

What this tells you: The practical details about putting a program into action

Please defined each part, you have interdiction and 5 phase. Thoughts should be complete and thorough and provide input on each of the 5 areas above.

APA format please.

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