Behavioral Health and Community

The perspective of community in behavioral health services has changes over the last serveral decaded. It has evolved from isolation to being community-operated services.

Read the following articles from the EBSCO host database:

  • Ahr, P. (2005, January). Community mental health principles: A 40-year case study. Behavioral Health Management, 25(1), 15-17
  • Bazemore, P. (2005, July). When state hospitals were communities. Behavioral Health Management, 25(4), 10-12
  • Oss, M. (2004, May). All roads lead to community-based care. Behavioral Health Management, 24(2), 6
  • Edwards, D. J. (2005). The Behavioral Health Industry. Behavioral Health Management, 25(3), 49

Review the articles to create a synopsis on the perspective of community in behavioral health services. In the synopsis, make sure to include the following pointers;

  • Compare and contrast the differences between the isolation principles of institutional care and the present-day community-based services.
  • Analyze whether community-based services provide better care and treatment for those diagnosed with persistent mental illness. Provide a rationale for your response.
  • Analyze whether there is a purpose behind providing institutional care to individuals diagnosed with persistent mental illness. Provide a rationale for your response.
  • Submit your synopsis in a two to three page microsoft word document
  • timed roman 12, double space, no plagrism

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