BAFI 1014
Semester 1, 2020
Practical Assessment— Case Study Assignment

Due date:Friday 1st May 11:59 pm 2020
Weighting:Case Study and Poster – 30%
Word Length:No more than 2000 words (part A only).
Content CoverageLecture Materials 1 to 7.
Learning outcomesUnderstand and perform simple financial need analysis.
Understand concepts associated with portfolio theory.
Appreciate the effects of taxation on financial planning and calculate
taxation liability
Develop and be able to critically evaluate a financial plan for an
Other objectives: Research, problem-solving skills, communication
skills, critical thinking, writing competence.

Assessment task
Question 1: Case study
You are a financial adviser and the following information is an extract of data you gathered as part
of fact-finding during an initial client consultation for married couple Peter (age: 34) and Meg
Morrow (age:36). Meg is an ex-Olympian and is pursuing a career in sports consultancy after
retirement from active sports she is employed as sports consultant with Melbourne office of a US
global sports, other events and talent management company. The couple had their first child Tim 3
years ago. The couple used a major portion of the saving to pay off the mortgage loan taken for selfoccupied home. Peter switched to part-time work to care for their child. He works as a part-time
coach with a local footy club.

NameExpected Gross annual salary 2019-
Peter Morrow$30,000
Meg Morrow$182,000

Asset and Liabilities

Assets (Ownership)$
Home and Contents (Joint)
Rental Property (Meg)
Cars (Joint)
Toyota Rav4 (2016)
BMW X3 (xDRIVE 30i) (2018)
Bank Account:
Commonwealth Bank Savings Account (Joint)
15,000.00 as on 30/6/2020
Colonial First State Wholesale Equity Income Fund (Meg)
Polynovo Ltd (ASX: PNV) (Meg)
Costa Group Holdings Ltd (ASX: CGC) (Meg)
Superannuation- (Meg)
Superannuation- (Peter)
Liability (Ownership)$
Mortgage (Meg)351,000.00


Credit cards (Joint) Includes the annual interest cost6,500.00


Income type (ownership)Amount p.a.
Joint saving bank account of Peter and Meg with
commonwealth Bank: Interest 1.5% p.a.
Colonial First State Wholesale Equity Income Fund (Meg)$2,500
Polynovo Ltd Shares- Dividend – (Meg)$1,491 + $639 Imputation credit
Costa Group Holdings Dividend – (Meg)$882 + $378 Imputation credit
Rent from rental property (Meg)$17,940 p.a.

• In the past meg’s father, who was a tax consultant, use to advise the couple on tax planning.
Since the death of Meg’s father 2 years ago, the couple has just availed the services of local
accounting firm for lodging of their tax return. Meg Morrow borrowed $361,000 to purchase a rental
property built-in 2006 on advice of her father. The annual insurance, rates and costs to maintain the
property is $3,900 p.a. and interest costs on her loan will be $24,000 for the year.
• The Morrow couple would like to know their net earnings after paying tax for the year ended
30th June 2020. They would also like advice on how to reduce their tax liability in the future.
• 10 months ago, Meg invested in equity. She bought 12,500 shares of Polynovo Ltd at 40
cents per share and 2,500 shares in Costa Group Holdings Ltd at $8.00 per share. She is stressed that
the Costa Group Holdings Ltd share is currently trading at $4 and is not expected to do better in the
coming 1 year. She wants to sell her Polynovo Ltd shares (expected sale price $2.00 share) to lock in
her profit and has come to you for advice. She does not expect any significant change in the share
price of both the firms in the coming 1 year.
• A year ago the couple decided to pay an annual donation of $2000 to registered Charity. This
paid from the account of Peter.
Expenses for the year ended 30th June 2020:
Itemised expenses per annum:
• Travelling to and from work- $2,500 (Meg) and $1,100 (Peter)
• Sportsmen association membership fees $1,200 (Meg)
• Donations to registered Charity $2,000 (Peter)
A. Calculate Peter and Meg’s after-tax income for the year ended June 30th, 2020. For the
purpose of calculation, the assume the figures are of the year 2019-20. Explain how Peter and Meg
could reduce their tax liability by splitting their income. Show the effect this strategy would have
had, if they had split income for the tax year ended 30 June 2020.
B. Calculate Meg’s capital gains liability if she were to sell her Polynovo Ltd shares. Assume
that Meg will sell her shares and advise her on a strategy she could use to minimise her possible
capital gain. Also, show the effect this strategy (calculation) would have.
C. You observed that Meg’s father has used “Negative gearing” as a tax-saving strategy for the
couple in the past. Please explain this to the couple, bringing example from their tax calculation.
(10 + 5 + 5 = 20 marks)
Question 2: Infographic/poster
You are required to design an infographic/poster that would be used on the financial planner’s
website or displayed in their office. The purpose of the infographic/poster is to explain to investors
the Managed Funds.
The poster should enable explanation of managed funds; advantages, downsides and risks
associated with investing into managed funds, and
Include any (not more than one) of the following dimension to further knowledge of the investors
on managed funds.
1. Explain the regulatory environment and the structure of managed investment schemes
(MISs) in Australia
2. Explain the typical fee structure of a managed fund
3. Determine how to select a managed fund for investing
4. Differentiate between different management and investment styles
5. Outline some of the methods used for measuring returns and analysing performance of
managed funds.
The poster should be self-explanatory and contain real information. So you need to conduct
additional research because you will need to use actual investments.
Make sure to reference your sources in the poster. The aim of the poster is to communicate essential
information about Managed funds to an audience with limited financial knowledge on this topic.
Here are some useful website references:
Infographic/poster websites:
Otherwise, you can use Adobe Photoshop or Power point to design the infographic/poster.
Website for unlisted managed funds:
Websites for exchange traded funds (ETFs):
Submission of assignment:
The infographic/poster can be submitted as a picture in a word document or by providing a web
link. It is your responsibility to ensure that the examiner can accurately view the
(10 Marks)
In order to answer requirements of this assignment, you may need to access resources other than
the set text.
All sources used in your assignment must be clearly referenced, but there is no set referencing
style for this course.
Marking criteria
The marking criteria for the total assignment are as follows:

Case StudyMarks
Question 1 A10
Question 1 B5
Question 1 C5
Question1 Sub-total20
Question 2:
Presentation (i.e. layout)5
Question 2 Sub-total10
Overall mark30

Marking Guide
Question 1: Case Study

Question 1 A5-5 marks of every mistake in tax calculation (maximum
deduction 5)
Question 1 A5Explanation of “split of Income” taxation planning strategy and
bringing example from their tax calculation after implementing
“splitting of income” strategy
Question 1 B5Calculation of capital gains liability as suggested by the client
(2.5 marks);
Calculation after implementing the strategy (2.5 marks).
Question 1 C5Explanation of “negative gearing” strategy (2.5 marks);
Example from client tax calculation after implementing strategy
(2.5 marks).

Question 2: Marking guide for Infographic/Poster



Question 2
(i.e. layout)
55 marksExcellent use of graphics and data. Arrangement
of information is coherent with an appeal to the
4 marksGood use of graphics and data. Arrangement of
information can be followed but may require
more effort by the audience.
3 marksGraphics and data are presented but limited or ill
suited. The presentation can be understood but
is not audience friendly.
0-2 marksPresentation lacks graphics and/ or information.
Arrangement of information does not consider
the audience.
Question 2
55 marksVery clear, thoroughly researched and
referenced. Key similarities and differences
identified and an excellent understanding
4 marksClear, researched and referenced. Most
similarities and differences identified and a strong
understanding demonstrated.
3 marksAdequate information but not as thoroughly
researched and referenced. Not all similarities
and differences identified and only partial
understanding shown.
0-2 marksPoor information, with little research and
references. Does not show a clear understanding
of similarities and differences. Not to
undergraduate standard.

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