assignment 2055

Create or choose any business organization of your choice and describe the organization according to the below:

1. To create a new company or find a suitable company that to be located in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which include(s) the followings:

a. Give an introduction about the company as well business unit.

b. Mention the kind of product(s) as well as services.

c. Write down Company statement.

d. Vision and Mission of the company

2. Introduce the concept of E-Logistics and E-Supply Chain Management for the organization selected by you.

3. Discuss the concepts of collaboration and Integration, which demonstrates effective use of ICT.

4. To apply a SWOT analysis to your business.

5. Also analyze your business and process as per below points:

A) Strategic Planning (SP) and Operational Optimization (OO)

a) Web Applications for the Outsourcing of Logistics Service

b) E-Procurement Processes.

c) Distribution Facilities Planning(Transport Provider Selection Process)

d) Discuss Use of Cloud Computing

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