Assignment 2– Management and Organisational Behaviour

This advice is in addition to the assignment brief – make sure you consider all of the points in the assignment brief carefully
Executive summary (about 200 words)
A summary of the entire report (not an introduction – a summary)
Introduction (about 300 words)
An introduction ‘sets the scene’. By that I mean it introduces the topics and tries to engage the reader. Then the introduction should state the aim of the assignment and how it will be structured. If you read the assignment brief carefully, you will see there are three topics mentioned: 1. Work groups and teams 2. Power and politics and 3. Organizational culture. Briefly introduce each in turn.
Analysis (about 1,500 – 1,800 words)
Use sub-headings where appropriate
The question:
A. Identify from your literature research the following two topic areas from the module that apply to an organisations effectiveness:

  1. Work groups and teams
  2. Power and Politics
    B. Using your organisation or one that you are familiar with as a case study, analyse and critically discuss the impact that your topic areas may have on the culture of the organisation. Your analysis must be based upon relevant academic literature. It must also make specific reference to conceptual models and theories.
    This assignment has a more practical focus than assignment 1. It requires you to analyse your own organisation (or if you think that is not suitable, one you have worked for in the past) and critically discuss how work groups and teams and power and politics are affecting the organisation’s culture. PLEASE KEEP THE ORGANISATION CONFIDENTIAL. REFER TO IT AS COMPANY XYZ.
    A good starting point would be to choose a model (or maybe two) to analyse the culture of your organisation (for example, Schein). Then critically discuss the impact the topic areas have on the organisation’s culture.
    Conclusion (100 – 200 words)
    Conclude by summarising the most important points from your analysis
    • I would like at least 10 references (with at least 3 from journal articles)
    Further general advice – Consider the following:
    • What am I expected to find out about – what is the question asking?
    • What do I know about this topic? How much information has the tutor already given me?
    • How much time can I give to this particular project?
    • Must answer the question!
    • It must be your own work
    • Must provide an informed answer to the question – not opinions! i.e. arguments and explanations should be supported by reference to relevant evidence (literature)
    • Demonstrate critical thinking
    • Use examples
    • Well referenced
    • Always aim for a professional look and ‘feel’ to the report
    • Use diagrams/tables etc. where appropriate – but apply them.
    This assignment has a more practical focus than assignment 1. It requires you to analyse, preferably, your own organisation and critically discuss how work groups and teams and power and politics are impacting the organisation’s effectiveness and culture. The organisation can be anonymized (call it something like company XYZ) and it is accepted that you can’t reference your own company and the opinions about what happens there will be your own. However, references will be expected when analyzing the organisation according to groups/teams/power/politics/organisational effectiveness /organisational culture literature. Essentially, what I’m looking for is can you apply what you read in the literature to your own organisation? For example, one part of the assignment is about groups/teams. Don’t just present literature on what makes teams, for example, effective. Rather, present literature about team effectiveness, then, using observations from your workplace, conclude whether the firm is actually following these recommendations (or not). Take a similar approach for the other topics. I strongly recommend using your own organisation (or if you feel that really isn’t appropriate or possible, an organisation that you have worked for in the past or are in some way familiar with). It is only by doing this that you will really be able to come up with practical insights that benefit both you and your organisation. Avoid often used case-study companies such as Coca-Cola, Tesco, Apple, Amazon etc. for this assignment. It is very difficult to understand the real practices of these organisations without working for them. If these types of cases are used the result is usually an assignment that is a rather superficial, public relations exercise that misses key, realistic insights. Don’t forget about organisational culture! I’ve seen assignments that address the other topics well but then forget this. Good luck Prof. Tim

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