Article review of health care policy

Note to the writer-Please use the same grading rubric and table to review 15 articles and place them in table format, as before, answering the following questions
• What are the pros and cons to the potential of over-utilization of the health care delivery system in a zero out of pocket cost to the patient?
• Would providers be able to provide better care since patients would seek medical care sooner when an illness or injury warrants medical attention, or would they be overwhelmed with both patients with real illnesses, and patients seeking care for minor or imagined illnesses?
• Can Americans expect the government to do a better job of allocating scarce resources in the health care sector than private enterprise?
• Can health care be considered intractable, like poverty, on the world stage?
• Are there sufficient resources anywhere to dedicate solely to health care services?
• From a normative perspective, does economic analysis change the direction of a policy initiative once it gains political and or popular support?

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