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Directions: This discussion board will be open for comments during Weeks 6 and 7. You need only to comment here just one time–though be sure you also comment in Reading Discussion II. Your post may respond to a specific prompt below; or, you may reply to another student’s post; or you may initiate a topic of your own. Posts in all discussion boards should be between 150-300 words long. Final posting deadline: Sunday, February 23 at 11:59 pm.]

For Art Discussion Board II, please focus on the artists and artworks featured on the website The Art Story (Links to an external site.) Specifically, we are considering three of their Movement pages: pages for performance art, body art, and feminist art. These movements overlap somewhat in their timing; they display some similar values and goals; some of the artists may be associated with more than one of the movements.

Click here to read about:

For planning purposes:

  • Week 6 lectures will consider performance art.
  • Week 7 lectures will consider feminist art.
  • Body art will figure into both topics.

Sample prompts [copy and paste the prompt you choose into the opening of your post] :

  • Identify two artists or two specific artworks and explain what about them interests or inspires or infuriates or entices you.
  • Discuss a theme from one of these pages or artworks that you find interesting.
  • Discuss whether the images speak to “divided culture”
  • Discuss what they say about “belonging”
  • Discuss what they say about identity
  • Discuss ways in which they demonstrate political activism or political action.

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