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Submit Paper 1 by clicking on this link AFTER you made sure you followed the guidelines and reminders below. I recommend printing these instructions and checking your paper point for point before submitting it (e.g., did I do 1? check, did I do 2? Check, do I have a good title? Check. etc.) You can see my example paper attached here with comments (click on the “bubbles”) that refer to how I addressed the requirements below.

Specific requirements for this paper (see reminders about some general paper expectations further downs):

  1. Brief (2-3 sentence) description of the experience you are focusing on.- Clinical Psychology
  2. One psychology area you picked and why that area would be interested in this experience. (you can use the one you picked or one that was suggested to you by a class mate on wiki)-

My Choice:Earlier this week, my younger cousin went through a mental breakdown while trying to maintain high school and getting ready for college. His behavior has gotten worse and his mental stage is getting harder and harder.

Clinical psychology asses and treat mental, emotional, and behavioral disorders.

3.An explanation of why this research is basic or applied research

4.A hypothesis related to the experience that this area of psychology would be interested in. -YOUR OWN hypothesis- you can’t use one that someone else gave you.

5. An operationalization of that specific hypothesis. YOUR OWN Operationalization! You can use the examples for inspiration and guidelines but you have to come up with your own operationalization (see more on this below).

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