Apple Inc. Job Positions Research Paper

task 7 / bus 100

2 pages minimum

answer questions about Apple tech company:

  • What kind of jobs are available for at Apple?
  • What type of positions might be of interest to you at Apple and why?
  • Provide the title of the job posting. Provide the job description. When providing the job description, it is okay to copy/paste the job description, but you must provide an in text citation for the quotation.
  • What kind of knowledge, skills and abilities are required for the position?
  • What about education, certifications, and experience?
  • Given the research you have conducted on this company thus far, do you believe Apple offers an opportunity for professional growth and development? Why or why not?
  • What do you think about working for this company?
  • Explain how compensation and benefits might affect your choice of employer. What might be important to you and what would not?

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