Instructions: Answer two questions, the one in Sections is compulsory and any other from Section B in not more than a 6 page- typed written (nor should it be a few paragraphs, or one- page) essay. Note: clarity of expression, the appropriate use of examples from the assigned books and concepts learned in class will be taken into account in awarding points. Make sure that your essay has an introduction, a body and conclusion. Provide page numbers of cited quotations from the ethnography. Late and electronically submitted papers will not be accepted
Section A
a) Using the concept of “wealth in people” and its corollary as discussed in class, what cultural reasons do you think explain why rural Malians value large family sizes compared to your own society? What advantages come with having many extended family members in terms of their adoptive strategy? Any disadvantages?
Section B
Either b) Using female circumcision as the focus of your essay, what would you consider to be the areas of tension or conflicts between anthropological understanding of cultural relativism and the human rights of the victims involved in this procedure? What might be the strategies of dealing with this tension?
c) Describe the goals and methods of the CARE health projects in the villages around Macina in northern Mali. What kinds of problems did the villagers face, how did the CARE project help them deal with their problems?

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