Answer true-or-false questions about occupational fraud (LO4–1) E4–1 Below are several statements… 1 answer below »

Answer true-or-false questions about occupational fraud (LO4–1)

E4–1 Below are several statements about occupational fraud.

1. For most large companies, occupational fraud is minimal and internal control procedures are


2. Managers have a variety of reasons for manipulating the numbers in financial statements, such as

maximizing their compensation, increasing the company's stock price, and preserving their jobs.

3. Internal control procedures include formal policies and procedures related to (1) safeguarding the

company's assets and (2) improving the accuracy and reliability of accounting information.

4. “Cooking the books” is a phrase used by accountants to indicate the preparation of financial statements that are free of manipulation.

5. Most occupational fraud cases involve misuse of the company's resources.

6. Common types of financial statement fraud include creating fictitious revenues from a fake customer,

improperly valuing assets, hiding liabilities, and mismatching revenues and expenses.


State whether the answer to each of the statements is true or false.





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