analyse the role of technology in the management of Front Office management.

Write an individually written report about the traditional role of a Front office executive. This task will give the student the opportunity to be as a Front Office Manager working for a hotel and learn the Front Office Job Role tasks of Check-in and Check-out procedures, front and back-of-house tasks involved at the reception desk of a hotel. Key areas of analysis include accommodation management theories, hotel reservations, group booking, arrival and departure procedures and relevant operational processes, the role of technology and performance practices. Alternatively, students can use this Task as a learning experience to support them in the real world of working. Students will be required to include a written
analysis of the role of a Front office professional in a step-by-step procedure and also summarise their analysis as Front Desk Manager for check-in and check-out procedure.
Assume you have been appointed as the new Front office manager of a new 5-star hotel in Australia. In your new role you are:
1. Required to structure standard operating procedure (DIALOG) for check-in and check-out function. (300 WORDS)
Write a script for check-in and check-out. DO NOT USE THE SAME IT WILL RESULT IN PLAGIARISM
2. Consider a scenario a leisure traveller visiting a 5-star hotel with his family of wife and two children. He has a confirmed booking. Write up a dialogue exchange between the front office manager and the guest. Must include CHECK-IN AND CHECK OUT
3. Research on the various online travel agents OTA and recommend ONLY ONE OTA partner for the hotel highlighting their features with justification. (400 WORDS)
Some examples….Expedia, Trivago,, MakeMyTrip
4. Critically analyse the role of technology in the management of Front Office management. Then recommend ONE advanced technology application that the front office can use to enhance the guest experience. (400 WORDS)

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