American Career College US Socio Historicity and Issues Relating to Crime and Justice Paper

Question Description

  1. For this assignment, you will provide an analysis of U.S. socio-historicity and issues relating to crime and justice.
    1. Visit the National Museum of (African-)American History and Culture, specifically the three (3) concourse levels (C3-1), which contain the history exhibition. Additional options exist to enter the museum otherwise.
    2. Identify any two (2) exhibits, artifacts, etc. (located on the concourse levels) that relate to crime and/or justice that are of interest to you. (First artifact is Mourning the Death of Martin Luther King Jr. Second artifact is The Nation of Islam).
    3. Take a selfie in close proximity to each of your selections. That is, you will upload two (2) distinct selfies as part of your submission. The museum artifacts must be clearly distinguishable in the images.
    4. Describe each artifact. (approx. 125 words for each)
    5. Reflect on each artifact‘s “role” in U.S. socio-structural and -cultural formation (in general). (approx. 250 words for each)
    6. How do these symbols of two unique social moments relate to (any) present-day issues in crime and justice? (approx. 250 words)
    Use your critical thinking skills and apply the concept of “sociological imagination”–think beyond the specific artifact! Your total submission, then, should approximate 1,000 words (or 4 pages).

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