Advancing Health Practice

Select one of your course assignments to add to your e-Portfolio. Reflect on how this assignment added to your advanced nursing practice as a baccalaureate nurse. Write 1-2 paragraphs on your reflection on the assignment, and how the assignment supports the achievement of one or more of the BSN outcomes. Attached the completed Written Assignment: Synthesis and Reflection you uploaded to your e-Portfolio to the discussion board for your classmates to review. Comment on one of your classmate’s written reflection and document of BSN outcome achievement. Do you believe the assignment supports the outcome your classmate identified? If you do not agree, please identify why you disagree. Reply to other students (at least two) and describe one additional opportunity for career advancement For posting and grading guidelines and additional help with discussion activities, please refer to the Online Discussion Rubric located in the Evaluation Rubrics area of the course web site and to the Student Handbook located within the General Information area of the course web site. Use the Add a new discussion topic button to start your initial posting for this activity.

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