addiction class paper

Title binge drinking

You are to write a 4-6 page concept paper on a controversial issue. You may choose any issue in the course or book (please contact me to get approval for other topics). The goal of the paper is for you to examine an issue from your opposite personal view. Choose an issue that you feel strongly about. At the very top of your paper, include a sentence about why you feel strongly about this topic. Then present the opposite view in the rest of your paper.

This paper is to be completed in APA Style, including a title page and reference page. The 4-6 page requirement does NOT include title page or reference page. References must be in APA format. Papers must have a minimum of five references, though ten or more may be necessary to present a thorough argument. All references must be from scholarly sources (i.e. textbooks and articles from peer-reviewed journals) NOT common sources (i.e. magazines, blogs, Wikipedia).

All submissions are screened for plagiarism.

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