Acct 212 Chapter 18

Exercise 18-7 Balance sheet identification and preparation L.O. C4

[The following information applies to the questions displayed below.]

Current assets for two different companies at calendar year-end 2011 are listed here. One is a manufacturer, Roller Blades Mfg., and the other, Sunny Foods, is a grocery distribution company.
AccountCompany 1Company 2 
  Cash$11,000  $9,000  
  Raw materials inventory    35,750  
  Merchandise inventory 38,750     
  Goods in process inventory    26,000  
  Finished goods inventory    46,000  
  Accounts receivable, net 55,000   66,000  
  Prepaid expenses 4,500   900  



1.00 points

Exercise 18-7 Part 1.1

(1.1) Identify which set of numbers relates to the manufacturer.
     $   $ [removed]   



2.00 points

Exercise 18-13 Cost flows in manufacturing L.O. C5

The following chart shows how costs flow through a business as a product is manufactured. Some boxes in the flowchart show cost amounts. Compute the cost amounts for the input boxes.
 $7,550    $ [removed] $5,050    
   $ [removed]   
 $78,050     $132,050   
 $22,550   $ [removed] $ [removed] 
 $ [removed]   $286,150         $30,050   
   $ [removed]   

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