ACC203 Management Accounting Semester

Major Assignment
Part A: Essay Compliance, control and competitive support are important factors that have shaped management accounting practice. However, modem business now places much greater emphasis on competitive support to achieve strategic objectives and less emphasis on compliance and control. Based on the above statements, discuss factors that have contributed to the development of Management Accounting Practice and evaluate the usefulness of Balanced Scorecard. (1000 words)
Part B: Use Study (1000 words) You are to identify and select one company from ASX listed that operates internationally and domestically. Access the selected company’s most recent annual rep. (i.e., 2010) and complete the following tasks: L Identify selected company’s critical success factors (CSFs) and/or key performance indicators (101s). 2. Based on your answer in 1, construct a strategy map that aligns with the selected company’s long tens objectives. 3. Develop a Balanced Scorecard based on your answer in 2.
Your answer to task 2 can be completed by using PowerPoint, Word or similar program and then pasting it to your document. Your answer to task 3 can be completed by using Excel, PowerPoint or Word and then pasting it to your document.

GBU100 Professional Business Communication > Major Assignment (20%) > Major Assignment (20%)
Major Assignment (20%)
Please read the Article and the case study and comment on them using the provided discussion questions in a form of two separate essays. (each essay maximum 600 words). You can find the article and the case study in the files uploaded in this section.

  1. Read the article: ‘Cult of Bloomberg way underpinned by accuracy’. (10%)
    Consider the issues surrounding communication, corporate culture and employee performance. In what way might the journalistic culture of a company like The Bloomberg Corporation improve the communication skills of the media professionals whom it employs? Could cultural differences between countries affect the degree to which individuals comply with the company’s corporate culture? (Maximum 800 words)
  2. In the Article attached, a crowed of people is engaged in animated discussion. The atmosphere is relaxed. Please answer the discussion question in a form of an essay. (no more than 600 words) (10%)

Background You are an audit manager at Oscar Edwards Vance (OEV), an accounting firm with offices throughout regional Australia in major centres such as Bathurst, Goulburn, Coffs Harbour and Armidale in NSW, Warwick in Queensland and Bendigo in Victoria. OEV is a medium-sized auditing firm by national standards and most of its clients operate within the manufacturing and service industries. During early July 2019, you met with the audit senior of OEV, Jack Higgins, to discuss a range of findings related to various clients of OEV.
Impact of business risk at Bowlby Ltd Bowlby Ltd is a manufacturer of small tools including screwdrivers, hammers and plyers with a plant in Goulburn NSW. Competition from imported goods in this industry has become increasingly fierce, yet Bowlby has traditionally chosen to address these competitive pressures by differentiating its products from imported rivals by focusing on quality rather than cost. Recently, Bowlby has pursued a new manufacturing process that purports to maintain quality while reducing manufacturing time and therefore costs. Unfortunately, there has been an increased number of complaints from customers which could be attributed to a potential drop in quality.
Using analytical procedures to assess risk at Zing Ltd Zing Ltd manufactures work boots out of its factory in Bendigo, Victoria. Jack has calculated the following ratios for you to discuss.

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